The ugly Air Force One. 

Also, I love how Jackie is like, “I’m not waving, this is ridiculous. C’mon Jack.”

I've never heard of the topless story or their adventurous dates! Where can I find them??? Do you have them?

I have them all stored in my head. Mostly from reading countless numbers of Kennedy books. Adventurous Jackie and Jack dates are my favorites (not to mention, who wouldn’t LOVE the topless Jackie one?). C’mon, you know Jackie and Jack are NEVER dull. Plus, I think I have some of that Kennedy magic. That’s how I remember all these stories. ;)

Topless jackie? adventurous dates? you make me very curious

Yes , yes and yes!! :) curiosity is the very best thing to have when it comes to Jack and Jackie. It’s quiet a comical scene and I absolutely love reading that story again ans again. It’s one of my favorites. I think I’ll wait until the weekend to reveal it for my Jackie Kennedy Story Time post. I mean, you know, absence makes the heart grow fonder..;)

Can you please tell the stories about their dates? :)

How about I make all of those dating stories into a Jackie Kennedy Story Time post? That way, they’ll all be together and not on an ask. It’ll be better for reblogging and making comments and such. It inspired me for my next theme anyway. I’ve been wondering for the longest what the next stories would be about. Does this seem okay? I’ll have it up over the weekend (I have mountains of homework tonight.) I hope this is a good solution! :)

Where were jack and jackie engaged?

There are multiple beliefs, but I personally believe the one where Jackie was in Europe covering the Queen ‘s coronation for the newspaper she worked for. Jack sent her a telegram asking her to marry him, and he met her at the airport after she flew home. The other one is the booth in the restaurant (that I forgot the name at currently) where he proposed. The telegram is just so like Jack to do. At their wedding reception, Jackie playfully held up a postcard he’d sent her that had very scant words on it and those words were very affectionate but casual. He often did things like that- through mail or ways you wouldn’t expect. Also, it was that weekend when Jackie was gone, that he realized he needed her, not only because Joe told him she was perfect First Lady material but also because Jackie was so much like Kathleen, the sister he loved the most. He kind of just knew, she was the only one to deal with him.

How and when did Jackie and JFK met each other? was is love at first side?

They originally were supposed to meet at a wedding. They were both invite by Charles and Martha Bartlett, but Charlie could never get them in the same place. As soon as he found Jackie, he has to find Jack and before he could bring them together, they’d gone completely out of sight. However, their meeting finally commenced at a party thrown by Charlie and Martha. They were both obviously interested, but Jack was a ladies’ man and Jackie was baiting him in by pretending to be the slightest bit interested in the hottest young Bachelor at the time. As Jack liked to tell friends, “I leaned over the asparagus, and asked her for a date.” To which Jackie playfully responded, “There wasn’t even any asparagus, Jack!” Really, Jackie rushed out of the party because she originally had plans of her own, which she only cancelled because Martha begged her to come that night. The Bartletts had been trying for a while to get the two together. Unbeknownst to Jackie, an old boyfriend saw her car outside the house and climbed in the back seat to surprise her. Jack followed her out to ask her out for drinks but when he saw the young man, he was discouraged and sulked back inside. But as I read once, “The day Jack Kennedy fell in love with Jacqueline Bouvier was the day he could never completely love another woman as much as her.” So, yes in a way, it was love at first sight. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the topless Jackie in the back seat stories and there adventurous dates! :)